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Mikel Instruments was officially started in 2009 but really began in 1974 when I built my first electric guitar at 14. I had been playing since I was 10 and had already discovered that different instruments sounded different and if I wanted to play all of these different sounds I was going to need several instruments. And since I couldn't afford to buy them I started to modify and build instruments.

Since my skills as a player left something to be desired I ended up not playing but building things. Ever the curious tinkerer I took up electronics, first to repair my own pedals but eventually as a career.

After 25 years in technology, my last at a fiberglass and resins supplier, I started to return to my musical roots and, once again, began to think about building my instruments. By that time my interests lie in producing high quality, great sound, and unique looking instruments that would be a joy to play. With a lot of experimentation and curiosity (what would happen if I did this?) I have come to what I feel are instruments that have roots in classic guitar history but are of an individual nature that are stunning visually and sonically. I hope you enjoy the work so far and will check out one of my instruments to see if it is right for you.


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