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We have several body styles, pickup combinations and neck joint types that we can combine to make a body that you can build up yourself. All of our bodies are made when you order and can have a certin level of customization beyond the above statement, so please call and talk to me, let me see what we can do for you.

Our necks come in two heel types, a tele style flat heel and a curved strat. All of our necks are made to fit a standard strat or tele neck pocket and should work on any standard pocket. All of our necks are cut to our shape, we do not offer any with the strat or tele headstock as those are property of Fender.

If you wish to purchase a body from us and a neck for someone else that is fine with us, there are several great places to get them. But if you purchase a neck and body form us we will ensure a good, tight fix that has just enough space for your finish.

Transparent S model body

These are completely transparent and come with the neck joint, pickups, and rear control cavity routed and polished. We recommend that you buy our control covers but you are welcome to make your own, a template will come with the body. These bodies are set up for a Strat style heel.

  Coming soon - Transparent T model body  

Tribalcaster T model body with Glow-In-The-Dark tribal outline

These bodies have a carved tribal pattern that has a glow in the dark resin outlining the tribal. The glow in the dark will glow for nore than 24 hours when fully exposed to light. These are set up for standard two single coil configuration with a front mounted control cavity.You can get these bodies stained and ready to assemble with a compatible polyurethane semi-closs finish or with just the tribal pattern routed and filled with glow in the dark resin. These bodies are set up for a Tele style heel.

Unfinished mahagany body $450.00

Finished mahagany body $550

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